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The Aha! Moment. A step-by-step guide to your next creative breakthrough”. (Winter 2019). Scientific American Mind. Print. (Feature Article and Cover story) [PDF] (Also published in Genius Special Issue Winter 2015 and initially in standard issue in July 2014)

Magnetic Stimulation May Halt Rumination in Depression” (January 2015). Scientific American Mind. Print. (Article for Head Lines department)[LINK]

Creative Spark: Neuroscientist-Turned-Artist Shares His Process”. Online. (July 2014). Scientific American Mind. Online. [LINK]

The early bird makes the moral decision”. (March 2014). Scientific American Mind. Print. (Article for the Head Lines department)[LINK]


It’s Only Human: Exploring the Biases that Shape Our World (2016 - 2020). Traveling Exhibit. Contributing Artist [LINK]


Neurons (Winter 2019). Scientific American. Print. (Printed as cover art for feature article (see above)) [PDF] (Also published in Genius Special Issue Winter 2015 and Standard Issue July 2014)

Event Poetry and Prose Magazine 46/2. Illustrator for the 2017 2nd issue.  [LINK] [Illustrations]

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